These are our inventions.

Sometimes we sit and think about product ideas.

Sometimes we draw out these ideas and they make it to this page.

Sometimes people like you look at them.



Do you know what a cancer lump feels like? No? us neither.

That’s why we wanted to invent a product with actual replica cancer lumps.

The feel-good shower sponge, is both a reminder to check, and a reference of what to look for.

Because every-time you have a shower you should have a good feel.



The biggest problem with moon-cups is that you have to wash them out in public spaces

No-one wants to be the person cleaning out their moon-cup in the sinks at m&s

So we invented the clean out stick. A portable stick designed to help wash out your Moon-cup using the fresh water from the flush of the toilet.

Step 1. Place cup onto stick

Step 2. Flush toilet

Step 3. Stick cup into running water

Step 4. Wipe dry, and do what a gals gotta do